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Hard (A Monster Made It) (feat. Murs)

Tech N9ne

Strange Music! I know ya’ll see us!
Ya’ll saw that Forbes list 2 years in a row, nigga, don’t play!
And we still doing it!
Harder than most of ya’ll motherfuckers out there, y'all know it!
I’m bout to show you right here, check it out

I been reppin' heavy to all you tardy cats
While you gettin' over with ya piss and farty raps
Been smokin' hella enough to bring Bob Marley back
I still kill 'em all but I gotta shake 'em like where the party at
Let up ya dresses, confess it, Tech is impressive
His message, eff, it, stretches from Zacatecas through Texas
I'm excessive with breasts-es
When I press it, meshes make messes
That's where the sex is, it breakfast
Yes, they blessed as Hugh Hef is!
I round the foes with all kind of flows
Time for the N9ne because I'm the chosen
Never gotta be foolish to get the dough
Like a lot of you actin' up, percievin' to get a ho
You don't wanna have to fight on my card
I give the type of choppin' that should be barred
I'm gonna shoot beyond the stars, you try to disregard

My shit is hard! Constipated
They wonder why so killa, cuz a monster made it
My shit is hard! I'm the greatest
Look around, that's why everybody's congregated

Moon stricken, yeah, they think I'm crazy
When they ask me how I rap so quick I say poon-lickin'
Don't play my shit, you'll have everyone in the room bitchin'
Doomed iffin' you got ravished and now my tomb's kickin'
Four scores seven years a ho
Knockin' em down with me, 99 beers to go
Chuggin' around 50, mix the 'lou then cheers to slow
Muthafuckas who never loved us simply cause they feared the flow
Spit lyrics to get vicious rippers to get the pit
Diss this and get whipped, hit this trick with this pistol grip
Bitch, this is the fifth, if suspicious here's a stiffen of this
Sniffin' this - Wait, what was I sayin'?

Just when your coat off you enter the rain
Two dolla haters yeah I'm a be a vender for change
Sender of pain see ya lady I'm a lend her the thang
And she gonna take it from me and the newest member of Strange

Crews get assassinated castles all crumble
Forever lives the legend of a poet who is humble
Words to live by now I die by a strange code
About to kill this verse they call me Murs if you ain't know
I dont rap fast ima leave that up to tech and em
Ces, Bernz, Krizz, Rittz, Wrek and the rest of them
Zero estrogen my heart it only pumps lava
DNA is black mamba with a little chupacabra
I'm a monster I'm a problem I'm a motherfuckin' beast
I'm a red nosed pit off the motherfuckin' leash
I'm a livin' fucking legend man the rest of y'all just walking dead
Feral with a arrow call me Daryl takin' off my head

It's getting to the point where
I don't even wanna work with rappers no more man
All these years trying to get 'em all to see
Now I just wanna do what I been doin'
Just makin' music for my technicians to bang
You know what I'm sizzlin'?
Bang! Bang! Bang! For strange!
Bang! Bang! Bang! We're gonna bang! For Strange!

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