Foto do artista Ted Maul

Like a Centrifuge For Thoughts

Ted Maul

Lying, thinking, resolving? my mind thinks things-splitting bad from goodinto, untold, visions- awakea centrifuge for thoughts- my mind takes things awayi contemplate my own homicide im just too scared to hurt the ones i love it agitates me sometimes i wish id never been born but things aint always fucking easy comei count myself a fuckin lucky one life's agitating all the trials we just gotta endure there's fighting around me-this violence surrounds me these people around me i think this is all i can take centrifuge for thoughts my mind takes it away i contemplate my own homicide im just too scared to hurt the ones i love life's agitating sometimes i wish id never been born-to be born again it seems that the seeds of world falldown,are setting down fear of attack, this holy bullshit-that fucks us up sort it out -you cunts sort it out!if i had my way we'd live in peaceterror-media bullshiti don't know what i believe-i don't know what i believean incision -on the face of the earth an incision an incision on the face of the earthis growing.the fallen servants will rise again fucked up world leaders will pay their dues only ones to pay for their mistakes is the people of this earth a show with no remorse -just helpless beings world centrifuged - by the media machine try getting back to -the place that we lost or was it fictional not thinking about the problems that we've caused world incision is splitting almost ripped.

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