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Dignified in what she does when she sings
the smile that she brings to all of you unaware
of what's to come i said tell me what's to come
green is the color of my envy
it's the color of fame
so i'm gonna write it down to scream it out
& i'm never gonna be the same again
fear is the color you've all exposed
now i gotta get up here
& prove the importance
of my clothes of my pose i suppose again
hard core superstar by far you're the ultimate star
do you wanna be a superstar
well that's what you are
you're gonna be a star
do you wanna be a superstar?
clever in what she does competing for the attention
of those people that you know
my whole life revolves around
your absence until i can't remember
what i was or what i am
who i know or what i know or where i go
every moment was that moment
every day was that day
every second was that second
& i've lost myself again
soon my face will be on every magazine
& then my voice
will be on every frequency
take my heart while you're at it why don't you
sign me up to sell me out
i am my angel 'til death i do i saw my first angel
& it was you

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