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Sha La La La La!

The Beatles

Host: Next number was called sha la la la la.
John: Joking.
George: La.
Host: La?
George: La.
Host. Bhh. but in fact, baby it's you.
John: Why don't you do it in your famous james mason impersonation voice?
Host: Oh, alight.
George: Go on then.
Paul: Go on, do in you...
Host: I thought this next number was called, um, sha la la la la, but in fact, baby it's you.
Paul: Go on, go on, go.
Host: Very good?
John: Very good.
Host: Ok.
John? Eo you do mickey mouse? eee.
Paul: There you go.
Host: Alright, sing the song fellows.
John: Ok, let's go.