Created from a single cell
Brought to the world to give you hell
Entangled in an infants dwell
But almost ready to break the shell

Inseminated chromosomes
Will it be X or Y
Manipulated mithocondries
Will they ever try to fly

I wonder what a life will be worth
when clones inherit our big blue earth
Future predicted, Perfect genes
And born with a silverspoon in mouth at birth

An innocent embryo
Raised in an organ orchard
Laboratory evolution
Fertilized demonic DNA

Biological, Diabolical, A flawless breed
Infernal offspring, Grown from the perfect seed
Armageddon, The result of scientific greed
Will you find the achilles´ heel and make it bleed

An elite replica
Growing tissue in a tube
The devil doll will break the shell
Let´s just hope they extinguish religion

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