They'll smell it if you change for them
And they'll go right for your throat
They'll know if you've given up and
They'll fall on you in droves

Hello young lions
Don't you want to taste some blood
Come on young lions

Hello young lions
These veins won't flow forever
Come on young lions

I'd almost given up or couldn't you fucking tell?
If I'm not shouting loud enough it's cause
I'm talking to myself
Little teeth are sharp enough to keep me on guard
Little smiles cut deep enough to open up my heart

Hello young lions
How's the taste of burning blood?
Come on young lions. Come on
Hello young lions
Don't leave this heart for vultures.
Come on young lions. Come on

This will be the end of your pride
Tear the flesh spit blood, what's the price?
You don't have to go for my throat
I can cut it fine by myself

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