and the swarm of winged octopi fly out
under the lid eye of the star studded sky...singing...
"do you want to live forever baby?
do you want to live forever baby?
suck the youth stuck forever baby?
throb the camera flash forever baby?"
the flock of grinning octopi drop like tears
from a varicose thigh singing...
"do you want to live forever?
nail your crotch to the hive of pleasure!"
their hearts strung up like a moustache angel,
they pull the screen down and she steps inside.
she coo's her mouth for the face re-arranger...
their tentacles puckered... ready to fire!
tug tug tug-the beard of the octopus...
lick lick lick the kiss of the octopus...
she wants more she wants more sweet serum to devour the hours,
sweat serum to sweeten the sour,
sweet serum to devour the hours.
"do you want to live forever baby?
boil you birth skin in the tv baby?
mrs. electric bride forever baby?"
the cloud of humming octopi spin the mucus crown of eternal life!

we watch alone from the waterfront
her newly immortalized face splattered across the sky
like hot human cocaine.
she closes her eyes in ecstasy
but mr. electric ocean has tattooed his face inside her eyelids.

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