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Over the Garden Wall

The Carter Family

My love stood under a walnut tree over the garden wall,
she whispered and said she'd be true to me, over the garden wall.
She has beautiful eyes and beautiful hair,
she's not very tall, so she stood in a chair,
many a time I've kissed her there, over the garden wall.

Over the garden wall, the sweetest girl of all,
there never were yet such eyes of jet, and you can bet I'll never forget
the night our lips in kisses met, over the garden wall.

There's always a will, there's always a way, over the garden wall,
there's always the night as well as the day, over the garden wall.
We hadn't much money, but weddings were cheap,
so while the old feller was snoring asleep,
with a lad and ladder she managed to creep over the garden wall.