One stormy day, me and my buddy
started on our roundup ride,
the wind and dust blew hard around us,
my buddy strayed far from my side.

We were buddies in the saddle,
we were buddies in our home,
we were buddies herdin' cattle,
we were buddies everywhere we roamed.

I'll ne'er forget the day I found him,
he was so weak he could not speak.
I'll ne'er forget the smile he gave me,
then the poor boy fell asleep.

I took him up in my saddle,
and carried him across the plain.
My mother nursed him every moment
to try to make him well again.


I've never had a pal so near me,
he took the blame for everything.
I'd die for him just any moment,
and for me he'd do the same.

But now my buddy's gone and left me,
and it's so hard to struggle on.
So hard to b'lieve that he has left me,
I can't realize that he has gone.


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