For love-what would you do
For love-break your heart in two
For love-keep a love that's true
For love-would you stay lowdown dirty and blue

Five years a long long time
Five years you made me mine
Five years of heart & soul
Five years now change my role
Now i cry myself to sleep
& for you now baby i weep
Go out baby and live
Thought i'd given all i could give

I understand everything
I understand the gift you bring
& still it drops me to my knees
& i find it very hard to breath
Now place your little hand in mine
Aw babe i feel like i'm dyin
Your face your smell your lips & touch
How i miss it all so much

I'm sorry to make such a mess
I'm sorry i can't cry a little less
But a sea of sorrow's all around
& their waves keep on crashing down
I wish i could ease the pain
I wish i could stop the rain
But when all is said and done
I'll be here to welcome you home

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