Go ahead and step outside
The streets are stained with genocide
Spraypaint on the walls of shops
People getting beat by cops
Children shoot each other dead
Over who is blue or red
Can't just sit here everyday
And hope our problems go away

Open your eyes and look away
Ignorance is the American way
Open your eyes and look away
The American way

Ever take a look outside
The garbage heap is miles wide
Trash and sludge upon the ground
Homicide victims bodies found
Gotta stop the social wars
Put an end to corporate whores
Gotta stand up for our selves
Before our lives are living hells

So be my guest and go outside
Our countries in for a bumpy ride
Unity is the name of the game
But you don't play so you're to blame
So be my guest and shut your ears
You don't care, you don't wanna hear
The problems that are here today
They're here for good, they're here to stay

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