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The Past That Suits You Best

The Delgados

Salt in my eyes, stinging my brain
It's been forty odd days since we've been clean
Crawl in the cave looking for light
but the ceiling descends and still it's dark
Hey there, don't declare optimist it's clear you resist
I try all the time to get it right and still it persists
Touched that you think I'm a heartless old crank
and there's things that I've done to convict me of that
Try to look out eyes straight and fast
but I've struggled of late, my head in the past

Hey there, don't despair get in the cave
We live day and night to find the right sort of light

Bored of the truth I return to my youth
drinking Breaker at night in the cold Duchess light
Out by the fence there's a shout that I'm dead
Get me out of this place, I'll take casuals another day
All gates are locked, there's no way I can walk
and the paths that I took led me into the swamp

Even this trusty accomplice gets rusty
I'm not being cruel but your brain never ruled
I've seen the trauma of lives that were squandered
but I'm not to blame for showing restraint

Hey there, don't declare optimist
I try every night to get it right
And still

[Something just fucking ran out behind me I swear to God
Probably a fucking moth knowing you
Why don't you go back and see then?
Well naw]

No path of truth led me where I could walk
but the lies that I made led me out of the swamp

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