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Accused Of Stealing

The Delgados

Tell me your confessions
Let me be the ears for all your sins
Let me take advantage of your whims
My life is no haven, have a feel
But it's just worth saving, craving
And you will feel appalled as you bare it all,
And i don't even know if i'll be listening

If i could stand it i'd let you believe what you choose
But how can i let you proceed when there's only one view?
Simple to state but don't dare implicate that i'm wrong
I'll dish the dirt and i'll show you the door
And if you keep coming i'll tell you to try a little...
Make a little sadder, all your tales
Just enough to feel good without scales
Fill my head with things i haven't done
The more the black the better, shelter
And you're my saving grace with your tragic case
Live a life, just make sure it's your own one

I left behind with no doubt in my mind i was gone
But ten years reflection and sudden affection comes on
Taken aback by the fact that i picked up the phone
Tried to convince you i'll be round one day
You're probably thinking just stay away
I've just been freewheeling
Been accused of stealing all your lines
But they're not there for speaking of foreign times
Just to keep the demons in their place
The innocence is needed
Plead my case

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