Stay low, careful as you go
If everybody's harmless then there ain't no way to know
Sleep tight, i'm sure you'll be alright
You might feel a little better come tomorrow

But morning's like a walk
Into a blunt narcotic fog
Until you're brought back to your senses by
Eight wheels nearing a dog that's dead or

Sleeping pills
I hear hunters in the hills
They'll only catch a chill
Before the sun goes down
Stage fright
Is proof that nothing's right
Like bird calls on the morning
Of a hopeless sleepless night

Infirm, the outside is a worm
That just slithers on in blindness
If you convert or you learn
Stay low, careful as you go
You won't know yourself tomorrow morning

And who would ever dream
That a laptop and caffeine
Could leave you colder than the voice
Inside an answering machine

Oh no, you don't ever leave the fold
You think your work is done
But then you still have to get old
Do you remember me?
We went to school together
But that's ancient history

Stay low, careful as you go
I have never been so frightened
I did not count on getting close
Keep cheer, the end is drawing near
And i will be with you before you know it

I'll be knee deep in long grass
And there's a snake in there who turns and then
I cut off all his heads
But he don't ever seem to learn, man i am

Dead beat, i really need to eat
The old man walked ok
But then we tied him round his feet
She reads my emails
Back home in New South Wales
I have a feeling somewhat disbelieving

Stay low, careful as you go
If there's something worse than street fighting
I'd really like to know
Stay put, shelter here a bit
I will be with you
Before you know it

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Composição: Burke Reid / The Drones. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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