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Vibration (too much)

The Gee Strings

The way he drives his car
Is getting out of hand
Cause he's mad about something
that he doesn't understand

He's running out of money
But he knows he's gotta get there
Cause he's mad about something
And he doesn't cares

His head is in a mess and
He's getting out of touch
You wanna turn around but what you got is

Too much vibration!

When she comes home at night
She sits down and she drinks
Cause it's the only way for her not to think

There's thing in life
That you can't seem to mend
Cause she's mad about something
That she doesn't understand

There's too many thoughts in that little head
But she knows they won't stop till she's dead

Too much vibration!

Don't let it hag out
Don't let it get out
I don't wanna know what this is all about

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