exibições 61

Keep clean your cage
Keep your chains fastened
Well and try to smile
Don't bite the hand
Bite yourself you're the fool
You're the child
Break with the dawn
Break the rocks break
The skin
Taste the blood stand tall
And proud for the ones
Stomping down on the pile
Crashing generation
I'm trying to see you
Eye to eye again
Try to see you lie again
Like a falling angel
I'm trying to see
The wreck I left behind
See the pain of other times
What have I become
Leave all the flesh
All the pain
I have found something pure
The fear in your eyes
Shows me you've never seen
This before hold back
The child
From the fire gain his trust
Then push him in now
We have grown in the flames
How we drink in your sins
Crashing generation
Holding back the insects
From the answer
I can feel them
Growing smarter
I can feel them
Pushing deeper
I can't fight it anymore
Holding back the insects
From the answer
Holding back my instincts
From the cancer
Holding but the barrels
Spinning faster
Holding but you don't
Know what you're aft