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The Right Way

The Hudson Falcons

Sometimes I go out driving, most of the time I got nowhere to go
I'm 33 years old still running for my life, maybe its time to go back home
Safe and easy sounds so good sometimes, maybe it won't leave that much of a hole
And then there's a spark of salvation and it testifies through the speakers on the radio
Easy don't work with integrity, that's why the righteous road is barren and hard
I left some of my friends dead on the shoulder, but they went out fighting and with a broken heart
Doin' things the right way

The only way to look back on your life is to make sure you have no regrets
Never take the easy way out, never compromise, mind your heart, forget your head
Never sell out your brothers and sisters, never sell yourself out or short
And if anyone attacks part of the family, go to the mattresses, cause its time for the war
Many will think that they're part of the family - but they're not, you gotta stay on guard
But always let in your brothers and sisters in with the common blood and share an uncommon heart
Doin' things the right way

The harder it gets - the more that its worth it
The more ferocious the fight - your blood boils purer
The more you kicked your resolve gets tougher
Remember to behold the night - be a fighter and a lover
There aren't many of us left - we got to take our chances
Hearts on the wire - sweet souls dancing
When all bets are off and judgment day comes
You're still standing - you fuckin won
Doin' things the right way

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Composição: Mark Linskey & The Street Corner Matadors. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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