Foto do artista The Knell

Black Veil (And Promise)

The Knell

The flame still burns as I enter the kingdom of lies.
Few days shall pass - who will be left alone ?
The blood is poisoned - pour it into me for I shall give my promises to you.
Long gone and forgotten my angel of life.
In palm of flowers and stones you shall lay.
Time will come, none shall stay alive.
Lie and life shall fall of my revenge.
The one, forgotten be your name, tremble in fear - I shall come for you.
I shall take the crown from you for the ones you have betrayed and left to die or suffer.
Swallow back your lie !
Tears are wept for one, but aren't you dying now ?
I saw the flames dies out,
Slowly i fell in to the night.
The words have passed away and I was alone again.

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