Where are your eyes in this lonesome hallway?
Why do they hide from me? I'll take the long way

Only a fool end up tagged and buried
Dead in a pool of compromise, so empty

If I were a wise man I'd ignore the pile of tears
But I'm not, I'm afraid
Don't hurt me, I'm just a child

Spare me the games, I can do without them
What are their names?, as you try to figure out them

When will you see that I am not lying?
And as I read I think: Am I even trying?

If I stood before you and took joy in how we dance
I would play and would stay in suspicion just like a child

Where is my lover, the one who can see me
When did my light get distorted and greedy?

If I were a tyrant or destroyer of love
I would not destroy you, my darling
You're not alone

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