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Memory (Kingdom Hearts Original Song)

The Living Tombstone

I saw the door way in my dreams
I ask myself where does it lead to
I thought the island was my home
The outside world a great unkown
How little I knew

That day we split the star shaped fruit
I knew that destiny’d uproot me
I saw it burning in the sand
I tried to fight and take his hand
And then he was gone

I held the blade
It made the darkness fade
I did my best to find
A way to make us whole again
Like back when we were friends

It felt serene
So simple and so clean
Not all this space between
But life was never black and white
There’s shadow where there is light

I woke up from the strangest dream
It almost felt just like a memory
It felt like I was someone else
Another version of myself
And then he was gone

My past is waiting just beyond
It almost feels just like a shadow
Or could the shadow just be me
The silhouette of somebody
And I’m nobody

The sun went down
On this forgotten town
I had my friends around
We watched from far above it all
I always felt so small

And do they know
The doubt within me grows
That we will meet again
We sat and watched the twilight glow
I promised we would stay friends

But summer had to end

I called your name
But you were not the same
And maybe I’m to blame
For I had changed the most of all
I almost can’t recall

We met again
But different from before
As something less than friends
And maybe it’s too late for us
To return to destiny

If only in a memory
For somewhere long ago

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Composição: Sam Haft and EmiJones / The Living Tombstone ft. VyletPony. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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