Darlin', we got some sad news today.
So sit down and brace yourself.
I'm not enjoying life out here in this cowboy life in this cowboy town.
Darlin' you're the only thing that we got going here.
But other than that, in barren to the core.
I got whiskey in my blood that needs to be purged,
so send word to my mom
and dad that I'm heading out west to dream with the seagulls
and lay with my thrift store clothes.
'Cause this pale skin, it needs a tan.
I just don't want to be a cowboy anymore.
So I'll follow the smoke to the coast
and just sit in traffic for hours.
I'll just sit with my thoughts.
I think that I could watch the waves all day.
So darlin' follow me out there.
We'll make a new life.
We'll send word to our parents.

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