I was only seventeen when we were chasing sparks
Followed your every move unsure right from the start

I stumbled and I fell straight (into your arms)
My heart was winning races (it's just a false alarm)
We found the cracks within the ceiling (one by one)
I never wanted you to know
But what did I know?
Do you believe in us?

Annie was a jealous girl, Me I try so hard to please
Thought I'd give her all she wanted but I never knew what she'd need

I met her in a bar (when I was messed up)
I chased her across the room (and all the seconds they stopped)
Threw my arms into the air (surrender your touch)
I never wanted to let go
But what did I know?
Do you believe in us?
Do you believe in us?

Sometimes you wanna run, sometimes you don't know
Will you take me by the hand, won't you just let me go
Cause our love is like a knife, it cuts and it hurts
I'm wounded by the knife, it cuts and it burns
You got me running through the night, I want you to hurt
You got me running to the knife, I want it to hurt
(You got me running to the knife) That cuts when it hurts
You got me wanting you tonight

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Composição: Michele Stodart / Romeo Stodart. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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