Charlie, I'll make a deal with you
After which you can do anything you want to
I know I've got the leg up, as you're still only made up
But baby you know I wrote this song for you

Don't go kissing boys, don't make a lot of noise
Let daddy sing his songs, and be real good
Just treat your teachers nice and find a healthy appetite
For what you really, really want to do

And if in fact your married before the day I'm buried
Follow just my one and only rule
For everything you do just remember through and through
Be my best friend 'cause i'll be one for you

Charlie, you'll be strong
Charlie, you'll be smart
Charlie, you'll be anything you want to from the start
Charlie, oh my baby, you'll be every bit the lady
That'll go on breaking this old lonely heart

I know just how you'll be cause you'll be just like me
Charming, so alarming & a little crazy
The queen of some sand castle,
An abrasive, rowdy hassle but kind and loving, fresh and bright, I know

Come to me with problems, I swear, I won't go try to solve 'em
I'll only tell you everything I know
Like standing tall was all I had
Like boys are bad and love's a fad
That no one ever learns to just let go

Charlie, there's just one little thing before we meet some lovely spring
I have to go and you find you a nice momma
She'll be just like me and you, perfect in just what we do
A love as strong as father and his daughter

Oh, darling, Charlie

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