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  1. 1567 - Under The Bloodcampaign
  2. Fist Of Stalin
  3. 7 Months Of Suffering
  4. Arena Of Death (Colosseum Carnage)
  5. Army Of The Despised
  6. Cathedral Of Corpses
  7. Concrete Sarcophagus
  8. Demigod
  9. Den Ensomme Nordens Dronning
  10. Der Kriegsmeister
  11. Desecration Of The Black Stone
  12. Deus Ex Machina
  13. Doomed To Slaughter
  14. 1917 - Spring Offensive (Dulce Et Decorum Est)
  15. I Spew Thee Out of My Mouth
  16. Kindertodeslied
  17. M.M.F.D.
  18. Master Of The Bryansk Forest
  19. Origin
  20. The Cruel Hunters


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