Fight for friends you've lost,
Go high and low
For all the answers and the costs
You have to pay for things to change
But they will never be the same.


When you hear this song you won't feel this alone
But when your heroes will fall
Will you have someone to call?
And time is cheap when your life comes apart,
When you're far from the start
Will you find your way out?


Still you look for trace,
Of your disgrace
To track it down and creep away.
This was supposed to be easy
But you have never believed me.

As I leave
At a glance and forever I'm sure I'll remember
Your desperate eyes, desperate words
Never-ending drama will slowly fade away.



Go 'till you stumble and
Run but don't rumble just
Kill when it's over
Scream 'till you're sober

When you hear this song
You won't feel this alone
But when your heroes...


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