There comes a time
When you make up your mind
Oh where to lay your lonely roots down
And I've been traveling so far and wide
Seen the deepest depths and heights beyond high
So I'm surprised to see you with my eyes
When my mind's best dreams
Had left your face so incomplete

It's nice to meet you

And, oh, the day that I chased you away
When the words I spoke were terribly wrong
And I confess that I made quite the mess
But it\'s just too late, and now you've moved on
Take me back to the days of the sun
Brightly shining down on the two of us.
We used to lie, staring into the sky
Leaving every toil and worry so far behind us

It was nice to meet you

So now I pack my bags again
With all this time to spend
To walk the earth without you by my side
All the fields and hills I've roamed
Will never feel like home
And how I wish that you'd never left
But it\'s just too late now

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Composição: Joe Secchiaroli / Reign of Kindo · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Victor, Traduzida por Wesley
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