I'm Doing Everything (For You)

The Rocket Summer

Do you ever do a thing or two just to wait
When you don't have a thing to say
I'll try to take this slow but I don't know
Cause I don't wanna wait for time to look for the folks who try to say
that we "don't know until we're old cause that's how it goes"
but I think I know, oh

Please pick me I'm a terrible mess
You know I just can't help it and I just gotta confess
You do what you do and I can't ever rest

So still I'm gonna do everything
I'm gonna make it right
I'm gonna make it good
I'm gonna do it alright
I'm gonna write it down
I'm gonna make a sound... yeah

Cause I'm doing everything for you
Cause I love to be near to you
Something just takes me away to a place where I'm happy
I'm doing everything for you
Yeah you know that I adore you
And I just can't take it anymore

Oh! Oh! you know I gotta know, yeah, oh no

So I'll be making up things for you to see
Like romantic lights surrounding Italy
Cause you deserve the very best, and I'll never rest
So I'll be sure to pass that test
And I just smile and say "whoa" cause you just gotta know
That every time you stay it never goes away
It reaches to the stars and shines right through the clouds and lights up this whole world
Bless your heart you've made me happy again
It's been so long and I'm sick of pretending
You've enlighted the brain in my head

Cause I don't wanna wait for another day cause I can feel this is right
I don't wanna make this go on for too much longer
Cause you've got a ring-less finger and I could go buy a ring right now
Well, actually I don't have money but that's ok
Cause I can figure it out

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