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Andrew's Blues

The Rolling Stones

Well now Andrew Oldham
Sitting on a hill with Jack and Jill
He fucked all night
And he sucked all night
And he taste that pussy
Till it taste just right

Whoa whoa Andrew
Oh oh Andrew
Come and get it little Andrew
Before Sir Edward takes it away
From you

Mick Jagger
Come on get up front, Sir Edward, come on now

Sir Edwards voice (Phil Spector)
Play the blues everybody, play the blues

Phil Spector
The Rolling Stones are a great fucking group

Sir Edwards voice (Mick Jagger)
What a lot of balls
Phil Spector is full of shit

Phil Spector
I thought the Rolling Stones were full of shit
Then I heard the group
Now I know - they're full of shit

Got my Beatles shoes on
And I'm just raring to go
Oh Andrew (yes Andrew)
Oh Andrew yeah
Uh uh uhuh
Uh uh uh uhuh

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