Foto do artista The Slip

Sometimes True To Nothing

The Slip

You're not the only one
who thinks they're the only one
to feel this numb
inspite of the distance you've come.

Light comes in through the eyes
it's something that you recognize
but you've ignored
cause nobody told you what to ask for.

The heart is a wilderness
with beauty and emptiness
that you endure
cause you never can be sure


And it rolls and it tumbles forwards
And it pushes the envelope
Cause it's nowhere and everywhere
And it's breaking your heart to watch it


In case you're the only one
nobody else's child
stay here you're mine
there's gotta be something you can find here.

It hurt so you took it out
you're gonna work it out
no visible line
could possibly define


And it's hiding up there in the clouds
Like a child in the need of protection
And it keeps you as long as you behave
And it molds you till it's all you are

And it pushes the envelope
As it freezes your need to reconnect
And you're prone to depend upon it
And it's breaking your heart to watch it go

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