From Sandbox To Laboratory

The Spectacle

I've got a package to deliver, but no address and returning to sender, is not an option i've got a feeling that you might confess if i show up at your door

theres a trail, thin red line, from the sandbox to the lab, theres a leap of faith from imagination to textbooks you talk about reason when it sits at your nose, i asked you for truth and you gave me prose

you might choke on your own words, I
have seen you mumble, and fall prey to your own trap,
Bound and gagged/ the needle in your hand your serum of truth a soothing dose shot through your ear the message intact,

Sedation complete, a calming bullet, shot to the head you might trip over your own feet,
I have seen you stumble, and fall prey to your own trap, bound and gagged i've been searching these streets for days, to find your home, but all i could find was a locked door

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