Like Ghosts our shadows rise and fall
From crown and throne we disenthrall
Burning flags to once we swore
For suffering what we abhor
Hold tight to our hopes we cling
Below the vultures circling
Like hungry jackals scavenging
Clawing at the door

On fear is what we're fed
Seditions how we're bred
We suffer the sorrow
We suffer the sorrow
And from our hearts we bled
Our nation under hatred
We suffer the sorrow
We suffer the sorrow

The diadems torn from their chest
As we laid to their eternal rest
Amidst the fetor and decay
Under Solemn skies of grey
Every grave we ever filled
Every drop of blood we spilled
Like starving wolves salivating
Circling our prey

Until forever ends
Mired in the fields of flames and fears
As our prayers fall like tears
But our sorrow flows like crashing waves
We're casting shadows over graves
As we watch the world go down in flames

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