Sugar Bullets

Hey Cgairman have you heard the news
The red man just got the blues
From sucking on sugar bullets

Hey Chairman look over the wall
The little man is walking tall
From sucking on sugar bullets

Well I never thought IÂ'd see
The sun set in the east
Or the walls come rumbling down
So let us drink to missing friends
And call them to the feast

WeÂ'll bury the broken bones
Under the precious stone

And it just goes to show
Nobody knows whatÂ's in the future
And it just goes to show
Nobody knows all

Hey Chairman donÂ't look now
The new man will not tow
HeÂ's sucking on sugar bullets

I threw the coins last night
Broken lines in a blood red sky
And someone loading sugar bullets

repeat chorus

The black queen with the ivory smile
The wild dog and the mystery smile
Are sucking on sugar bullets
So Chairman donÂ't fell bad
Think of the fun youÂ're gonna have
Sucking those sugar bullets

repeat chorus'

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