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Kissing You Goodbye

The Used

Cut yourself in conversation
Cut the line to make me feel alive
Cause you know I'm not alive
And leave me with your complications
Take your life, you feel like taking mine?
Needing guide, we stand in line, not alone

No where to go
I'm not leaving
I'm not going
I'm not kissing you goodbye
On my own I'm nothing
Just bleeding, I'm not kissing you goodbye

Trust to take the right to leave me
Waiting on the dark clouds for the rain
Praying lightining strakes a change
As history get lost and
As I took that final breathe, I felt alive
Needing guide to stand in line, all alone

Don't let me go
Don't say goodbye
'Cause you know that im not alive
Don't make me go
Don't say goodbye
Don't let this love die

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