How long was I sleeping
Did you wake me
Didn’t feel like all that long
Do I see the morning
No it can’t be
Happened to me
I’ve been stuck in the quicksand
More the pavement
Colors black and white too long
I could black out completely
But I made me
Make my way back slowly

It's my time to shine
Do it my way
Cause its my time baby
It's my time to burn
Start a fire
Be the one and only
I said it
I meant it
I never will forget it
Change never happens by itself
My time to burn

My time to shine
Time to make for myself

How long was I buried
Couldn’t find me
Laid to rest my heart beats on
Kept track of the symptoms
Could’ve killed me
But you will see
Im not broken I could be
Yeah you would be
But my heart is much too strong
Never thought it was easy

But I made me
I made me slowly

Don’t be sad I know you will
Just the way it has to be
I can never stay the same
It's always high or always low
And almost never in between
There's no one left to blame
I can't stay I have to change.

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