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Harmonia's Dream

The War On Drugs

I can't escape this memory
It's like a dream, it's got me up all night again
And you're all that I can see
But I've been here before
I've crossed so many roads
Never needed more than I could hold

Running and returning
In a vision, you're a ghost in black and white
A silhouette in blue and green
I lay awake at night and wait for you to call

Been hanging on so hard, and now I can't let go
Ooh, I'm in a rolling wave
That moves across the line
Am I losing my faith?
We're gonna lose it in time

Leaves are falling down like rain
In the morning, I just stand alone outside
And I watch 'em blow away
It's so hard to find a friend these days
Oh, babe, I'm sinking

Summer comes and rain gets in
It's like I'm looking through the glass on the other side
I'm not trying to make you wait
But I don't need it anymore
And I can't turn back
And give it all away
When it's all I have
I'm in a rolling wave
That moves across the line
Am I losing my faith?
We're gonna lose it in time

Sometimes forward is the only way back
To reach you in time
I was lost in a light that can't be seen
Don't know the realm in front of me
I'm on the sea, I'm on a drive
You lay awake, you know the way
You know the path I'm walking on
Are we the cast you're leaving on?
You know the cost, you're on your own

Where I'm goin' like a light that can't be seen
Don't look away, it's just a dream
I'm out of touch, so out of reach
It's coming back and I'm moving fast
Just one more day and I'm home at last
I need the love I'm dreaming on
I know the cost
You're on your own
You're on your own

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Composição: Adam Granduciel / Robbie Bennett. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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