And When He Falleth (Remix)

Theatre of Tragedy

-- "Be my kin free fro varnal sin,
-- Bridle the thoughts of thy Master."
"There hath past away a glore fro the Earth;
A glore that in the hearts and minds of men,
Men dementéd - blindfoldéd by light,
Hourisheth as weed in their well-groom'd garths."

"Might I too was blindfoldéd ere -- "The quality of mercy andabsolution,
Tho' years have master'd me -- Whence cometh such qualities?
A masque of this to fashion: -- Build thyself a mirror in which
Seer blest, thou best philosopher!" -- Solely wanton images ofthy desire appear!"

"'Tis the Divine Comedy - -- "'Tis the Divine Tragedy -
The fool and the mocking court; -- The fool and the mockingcourt;
Fool, kneel now, and ring thy bells! -- Fool, kneel now, and ringthy bells!
We hold the Earth fro Heaven away." -- Make us guffaw at thyfutile follies,
-- Yet for our blunders - Oh, in shame;
-- Earth beareth no balm for mistakes -
-- We hold the Earth fro Hell away."

"Believe? In a deily long dead? -
I would rather be a pagan suckléd in creeds outworn;
Whith faärtytales fill'd up in head;
Thoughts of the Book stillborn."

-- "Shadow of annoyance -
-- Ne'er come hither!
-- ...And when He falleth, He falleth like Lucifer,
-- Ne'er to ascend again..."

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