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The Red Summer Sun

Third Eye Blind

There's a big red sky
Over you and I
And It's coming down
And we're pumping over ground
In desert air
I hope you'll be there
Cause it's coming down
Pumping over ground
I've seen car wreck kids
walk away from it
Laughed from within
I know these days will end


It's been a long time a long time
To walk with the Mighty
I won't be a martyr
So let me go, let me go
On my own
I'll make due with none
I will blame no one
Slept on packing foam
I'll make it all my home
And I'll take on anyone


And I'll take on anyone
These days they're not done
The red summer sun

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Composição: Kevin Cadogan / Stephan Jenkins. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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