There’s a thin line
Between democracy and madness
Spoken words say nothing
With purpose to conceal
The greatest compromise makes
Truth the new nightmare
Facing this reality
An ugly shedding of skin

There’s violations
That no one could foresee
Honour is no longer a virtue
Hear laughter as blood is drawn

Welcome to this grand mass charade
Were all we are is an army of one
Deception’s accepted
In the name of the greater go(o)d
A weak state built on army of one – an army of one

Rise up and strike
Build anarchy within the machine
Make your presence known
Don’t hold your piece
Create your own path
Rid it from filth
Confront without guilt
Become the ghost that haunts them
Make them bend to your ways

Leave all restraints
Set the pace
Make sure they believe
This is what they conceived

Welcome to this land of deceit
Where all should be in the army of none
Corruption’s accepted
All devouring in the name of the greater g(o)od
Tear down the walls create an army of none
Rise through an army of none

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