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Hope You're Doing Fine

Cyndi Thomson

The arizona the sun
Looks like a ruby in the sky
And when the desert wind
Blows like a friend
It's enough to make you high
Here I am so far away
From eastern standard time
But I miss you babe
I hope you're doin' fine
I hope you're doin' fine

Well I found a job
It's nothin' much
But at least it pays the rent
The boss is nice but not his wife
But she only works weekends
How are things in Charlston
Is there someone in your life?
Guess I shouldn't ask
I hope you're doin' fine
I hope you're doin' fine

We were makin' plans together
Not so long ago
Thought we could see forever
From that Carolina coast
But, things change
Everything changes
Things change
Everything changes

Now the moon is up
And the stars are out
Yeah it's quite a sight to see
It's times like this
Oh how I wish
You were still here next to me
Maybe our paths baby will cross
Somewhere down the line
Who's to say
I just hope you're doin' fine (I miss you so)
I hope you're doin' fine (That's all for now)
I hope you're doin' fine (I hope you're doin' fine)
I hope you're doin' fine

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