Close your eyes and tell me what you find
Don't you here the voices in your mind
Where have all your lovers gone, the friends you thought you counted on
Passed away like shadows lost with time

I gave you all your life to make a choice
From time to time i know you heard my voice
It wasn't just for information, i desired your conversation
All you did was drown me out with noise

When i said go you wouldn't go
I gave my hand but every time you never want to know

And so you turned away, the seasons reached their end
It took you all your days to keep me from your head
The night grew dark your eyes grew black
And soon there'll be no turning back again

Are you swimming through a myriad
Of spiritual decisions
Are they whispering sweet nothing while they
Drown you with derision
Out of sight but in your mind
They're calling out they're pulling you away
Deep inside you know what's right
But slowly you're believing what they say

If they said go would you go

Are you orbiting the rainbow do you live to be in trances
Are you lost in paranoia did you take too many chances
Parasites and soul-destroyers ready for your life to drift away
Deep inside they steal your mind and slowly you're repeating what they say

If they said go would you go

When every country's gone to war every dream has hit the floor
When every gene has split in two and every breath has poisoned you
Only then you'll understand none of this is what i planned
But giving you the right to choose meant some of you would have to lose

When every lake is parched and dry when all pollution kills the sky
When every soul has gone it's way and every heart is old and grey
Maybe then you'll understand somewhere on your wounded land
You heard my voice but chose to turn away

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Composição: Damian Wilson / Jon Jeary / Karl Groom / Nick Midson / Richard West. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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