I thought you weren't contagious i thought i owned my inner-self
You offer, now i forget the reason i can't have
As you try hard to please me this need turns to greed down inside
I touch the hand of my sickness and feel my faith divide

If i said i would, would you care? would you take me there?
And feed my desire with your will to give

A distant storm and the lightning strikes the pouring rain feels warm tonight
Thunder echoes and the lesson begins as one more time you take me in
But i look back at you and think of all the things i should have said and done
But i can't talk no i can't talk i try to hide myself from shame
And try to share the blame for what i've done what have i done?

Now i said i would, do you care as you take me there
I taste my first time and now i can't turn away
I lie to myself like a man trying to understand
As you change my life with your will to give

I see disgrace and it's looking back at me
Blame my desire for lies i live and breathe
Begin again though the hardest part to take
Behind my eyes you still remain

I thought you'd understand when you took me there
The hardest part to take you still remain

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