Climb the wall and leave it all behind…

You've got so much on your table,
And I now that you are able,
But you're hiding in your cradle,
Try to rock it out of the way…

You're sailing where the griff wood goes,
You've fallen from the sky like stones…

You're the lifeline, not the dead zone,
The foundation, not the headstone.
Many things you need to let go,
Many things you need to stop…

And I know that your dependance
Made me preach with your attention,
But I know it, what's to mention,
That it's tearing, never part…

Sold you wisdom, showed you wonders,
That you cannot pull asunder,
And there's no cause that you're under,
Cause it's over, gone away…

Now you have all you need,
All the stones are full,
Your wings are strong.
Now it's time to compete,
You can run the race,
And carry on…

Climb the wall and leave it all behind…

And sometimes it's so hollow,
Maybe it's elusive,
So hard to find your way,
But you know just what the truth is,
You feel it every day,
And maybe it's intrusive,
Won't seem to go away,
But you know you've got to do it,
Let go of yesterday,
Until it's gone.

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Composição: Karl Groom / Richard West. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Murilo e traduzida por William. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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