The ancient virus soars through a carrion breeze
Engulfing regions with severe sickness

Advanced medical services infrastructure fail
Scientist desperately search for a countermeasure
Deranged epidemic
Puzzled with no solution

Disease, diabolical pandemic

Genetic analysis is futile
For xenopsylla has evolved
Immune systems shut down
Earth becomes frail

This is our end

Plague of morbidity continues to depopulate.....disease has every right to infect
A vile agenda to rid this world of the humble and pure
A second third of the world is lost
Daily survival becomes fortune

The infected are quickly forsaken then killed
Pestilent masses are bombed

Nuclear fallout complicates the dreadful catastrophe
Leaving only thousands spread throughout the earth

Widespread carnage
Ravaging the planet
Brother deserts brother
This was my dream

This was my dream
This was my dream
This is my dream
This is my dream

Human extinction
Nearing completion

This was my dream
This is my dream

This is our end

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