In Silver Rain With a Paper Key

Thurston Moore

There was a time when you could find him just by staring at the sky
A perfect stranger, out of nowhere, nothing to do, nothing to hide
And he disappears today, where he goes, he cannot say
The silver rain is all you can see, you lost your lover

It used to be so easy, baby, just to find you in the clear
But the streets have ghosts that call you back before you get too near
The days that dared to never end, you'd whisper 'baby please do it again'
Now it's an echo without refrain, you lost your lover

I seem to recall sometime last fall brown leaves crowned around your head
Now I'm back in town and I'm looking around, will I ever see your eyes again?
Where did you disappear today? I turn the corner and I see you fade
In silver rain with a paper key, you lost your lover

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