You maggots
Swarm my earth
Infect me with putrid disease
Your vermin
Your genocide
Extermination, extermination of whores

I take a chainsaw to my ultimate despise
Whore to a chainsaw is my purist form of pride

I cannot live with them amongst this mess
Amongst this mess
I need to end this
Insult to the human population of this world

Die you fucking whores
You putrid waste of space
Stop breeding fucking rats
You bitches gonna get it

Bitch your dead
Bitch your dead, there's no life in you

You are the creation of something so obscene
It makes me sick to see your lungs still fill with air
And never die
Why do they never die?

I am the only one who'll live

Just because I can't be seen
Doesn't mean I can't be felt

Amongst this mess
You disgust me

Eradication of them all
Whore to a chainsaw

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