Beneath the surface lies a legion of the darkest era
Buried in masses, burnt and left as ashes
The graves are filled with maggots eating, rotting flesh decay
Their lives eradicated by the blade, the dead are cursed
Slayed, their lives raped from them, they swarm like locust
In the form of spectral hate, ghosts in the fog, reapers of the night
They remain trapped between dimensions
Disembodied souls, tormented in the afterlife
Haunting the living, possessing the weak
The spirits hunt to avenge their death
Haunting the living, possessing the weak
Controlled by the army of torment
Seizing their mind, infiltration of insanity
Turning the prey on each other, tearing organs from their allies
A mist that plagues this world, the poison fumes of these burning souls
Now spread this flame, tearing themselves apart from the inside
Ripping sanity to pieces, sanity to pieces
Unsuspected slaughter from an icon of trust
Once a protector now an executioner
The dead will rise, soldiers of immortality
The dead will rise; the depths of hell await thee

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