Love, you're getting lazy.
You're forgetting to give me
sweet sugar,
words that I wanna hear.
You been neglecting me,
you know jealousy it is bitter as a green spring berry.
And just like fruit from a fickle vine,
you turn sweet in the nick o' time.
Love, you only come alive
when you're losing me.
And it's a childish game,
I gotta shake you up just ot wake you up
to make you love me.

I'll shake the sugar tree,
'til I feel your love falling all around me.
You gotta tend to what you planted,
and if you take my love for granted, baby,
I'll shake the sugar tree.

Another night and you're sleeping,
I'm awake and I'm dreaming.
Oh honey, 'bout the way that it used to be.
A little time's gone by,
now do you think that I'm content with the cooking
and the payin' the rent? No I wanna know if your love's allspent.

(repeat chorus)

I've got to raise some commotion,
before you show me some real emotion.

(repeat chorus and fade)

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