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Things Change

Tim McGraw

They wouldn't let him play
the opry with whiskey on his breath
And it didn't take 'em long
To figure out what they missed
He went down that lost highway
Underneith that purple sky
A legend disappeared before
his time
Things Change

they said he was the devil
Dressed in gold lame
The way he shook his hips
up there on the stage
But before that fateful day
He left Tennessee
All of them were calling him the king
Things Change

Well they like to call them hippies
Outlaws with guitars
But they brought a little poetry
to the honky-tonks and bars
They might've got a little too crazy
They might've flown a little too high
But somewhere somebody's playing their songs tonight
Don't you know they change

Now some say it's too country
Some say it's too rock 'n' roll
But it's just good music
If you can feel it in your soul
And it doesn't really matter
It's always been the same
Life goes on, Things Change

Things Change
Don't you know they change
yeah, yeah yeah
They can't keep me from change
Keep on, keep on Changin'

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Composição: Aimee Mayo / Bill Luther / Chris Lindsey / Marvin Green. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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