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Dark Infernal Light


Lord of the earth
In power exalted above and below
In whose hand the son is a
Glittering and sword and the moon

Ppo mops igsnges opiko mops
Teletapkae epidezia kpsnikes
Epaiapistepo daimonos teg op gai
Pepi mops o asten ton pe
Nte, kai en tei steile o astep ton

Fire who measure your
Garments in the midst,
My vesture, trusseth, you are as
The palms of my hands brightened
Your vestments with
Dark infernal light, cover us
Made a law to govern the holy ones
And deliver a rod with
Wisdom supreme

You litted your voices and swore
Your allegiance to Him that lived
Triumphant whose beginning but,
End cannot be

Which shinneth as a flame in the
Midst of you palace, and reigneth
Among you as the balance of life

Move, therefore and appear!!!
Open the mysteries of you creation
And be friendly to me

I reign over them saith the lord in
Power the moon is ineriable, you are
As the palms of my hands and brightened
Your vestments with dark infernal light!!!

The true worshipper of the high priest
Earth and ineffable king of darkness

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