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Shadow Of A Promise

Titan Force

Through empty words and promises the madman speaks his lies,
go forth as law unto those who believe
Under dark commands he leads the way to a brighter day
Yet the day will never come, His day will come
Say the word and I will follow, speak the truth I will believe
Cast not your shadow on my eyes
Open minds are lead astray with the hope of a brighter day
Cast not your shadow on my heart
A promise made a promise kept, remove the lie, there's nothingleft
Cast not your shadow of a promise
Generals bow before him, while the people damn his name
Madman, God, or just a fool?
Using words of victory, justice and unity
To him these are lies - such an unfortunate surprise
With just one word a nation is moved and justifies his power
The tyrant laughs for his mind he is supreme
Yet as the sun sets slowly in my heart a nation is broken
And the youth feels the pain
And the youth will rise against!

Too late for words to turn back the hands of time
Yet deeds take place of sorrow and change it's course in line
Dressed in robes of honor, blindly gaining our trust
Soon his robes will be stained with tyranny and blood

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